Saturday, November 10, 2007

6 degrees of seperation

What would be your answer to the question - Is the world small? Quite a few responses i have listened to say, "it indeed is!!" What with 74 percent covered with water and trillions of road mile arteries connecting diverse nations. With wireless, ethernet, revolutionary e-mail and what not is shrinking the distance between people to miniscule point levels, people are connected to each other at multiple levels.
You meet a person whom you have never seen in your life before, and when the topic rolls over to friends, both would be unnervingly connected by someone or the other in six tries. That's why the name six degress of seperation. 
Consider this, i met quite a few new friends after re-locating to Chennai and surprisingly we were connected in some way or the other - be it mutual friends, schooling, college and the likes. Its pretty strange to experience this, but i have found in almost 2 out of 3 cases, which proved the veracity of the above said statement. Thats like a whooping 67 percent strike rate....
The perception is - Connectivity between people is increasing which may be due to a lot of reasons which ultimately leads to a sighed expression of "The world is too small" There can be a lot of counter-arguments to this view point, but still try this out to experience the sixDOS whenever you meet up with new people. 

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