Saturday, June 21, 2008

February made me shiver while June makes me a Hummer

It’s been a year and a month since homecoming from the land of desserts. As I take a break from the mind-sapping work chores, I am thinking of the top three things that happened in this fluid whip of time:

A sea of change
No broken bones but heart-burns for sure
‘Life can be a bitch at times’ J

The solitude I enjoyed and repented at times was progressively transformed when I came down to home-sweet-home. My first car, loads of friends, sport, active lifestyle, good food and what more do you need! Typical of a guy, I always sensed something was missing in my life and the hunt is still on to scoop the missing piece of the puzzle. Can it be my long-term aspiration of doing my PG in a far-off place from home? Can’t deny the fact though, as it’s more of a pragmatic belief than an idealistic one.

The passion in revelry that many possess hit me full blow when I saw life unfold its folds of thrill before my own eyes and I felt what it was to be at a place sans enjoyment, depleting my three years of youthful life. As the past is not present, the future is non-existent; I focused on living for the moment. The flavors of Chennai wistfully bound me to fall in love with this city and I continued to chug along in life with full steam, having no worries in life. Dependable friends which turned sour down the way and so many untold lessons learnt in a short span of time made me introspect deep within me and realize the true potential of the ‘sole-me’. Never have I given a distress call, while a storm was brewing in me although I relied on true friends for life for the much needed support.

So naïve in life and multiple shark bites has led me to be a changed person, courtesy my long standing friend. I cannot deny the fact that, I got a taste of my own medicine; believe me it tasted so pathetic, and that I ran out to overcome this small uphill in full chivalry. Let me not make this post sound too depressing while I always laugh out my worries creasing my forehead.

I ran a ‘spend-analyzer’ on my income generated after coming to Chennai, of which I really don’t want to share the results hereJ. I want to make a point to all those reading the post, that identify areas of high spending and try to cut that by 5.0 percent on a monthly basis, unless its direly necessary. This is a simple application of ‘kaizen’ on your day to day life. At the end, it’s more of a healthy bank balance and a prevailing sense of security.

All said in a positive note, I promised myself to delve into work and keep watching this space, for I am planning to write more on my trips and people who caused a change in me for sure!

A Blogger who strikes a chord with a class

I accidentally jumped on a blog of Sonia Faleiro, who has a brilliant style of writing which makes the reader re-live the moments of truth. Thats what most of the bloggers/authors/novelists crave for and makes them the best-seelers. No wonder, she recieves so many clicks a day. ok.. i do understand that originality is the essence to a blog, but i just could not resist myself in dissipating the pleasure of reading i had to a larger group of audience :) Happy reading to all.

And a slight humorous twist !