Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend update

Friday, the 9th of November was a hectic work filled day...Bounced in and out of meetings (meaningful, surprisingly) and was waiting the minute hand of my watch to sweep  across the seven barrier. Thus, the shackles were removed for a fun filled weekend...not to forget the weekend exhaustive game of Ultimate Frisbee!!

My cousin forcefully pulled me to test drive the new Hyundai i10....we ended up looking only at the inner and outer facades as we reached the place pretty late. My first impression of the car was, the design house failed to emulate the same strong masculine styling of the front in the back end of the car. The front was smashing with strong fenders which gave a facelife to the car. But walk to the back, it had a slightly elevated structre which did not meet up the standards of the front.

Boot space is quite less but the interior is quite roomy with stylish gears kept at an inclination. Although, the gear meshing did not meet my expectations, as i drive a Swift, whose gears fall as if a hot knife is passing through a block of cold cheese. Not a full blown review though, i kinda liked the color options that they are providing :)

Oh, it starts at 4.2 lacs (on road Chennai price tag) for this small car from the stables of Hyundai. 

After this short stop, we went to HSB to hog on mouth watering southy food at blue star. We made an interesting observation there, HSB has 24 branches alone in Chennai....(excluding the fast food joints at C.P.R and Ashok Pillar) Assuming that 900 people walk into a branch everyday with average expenditure of Rs 100 per head...the total revenue per branch would be approx a lac rupees. Multiplied with 24 branches would land us with a figure of Rs 24 lacs per day across all branches. 

So, per month it would be approximately Rs 86-90 crores per annum in Chennai alone...Apart from this theyhave two branches in N.Delhi and quite a few branches abroad as well in Muscat, New York, London and the likes. Its quite difficult to estimate the global turnover the business as sheer driving factor for revenue boost is the masses who are continously adapting to lip smacking idli, dosas and saucers of sambhar + cocunut chutney. Last thing, i heard was HSB was rated 16th best out of the total 95 restaurants in Chennai. 

After satiating ourselves and paying a heavy fine for indulging in it, we were off to Sangam Cinemas to watch the movie Polladhavan. Weak story line, a few good songs which did not blend with the situation as well (isn't it a trend these days?), too much expose' by the lead actress and the item girl...i sat bleary eyed through out the film, my mind constantly revolving around the next days early morning game of Frisbee!!

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Nithya said...

:) i do not believe the fact tht u were thinking of frisbee when there was something HOT on screen! scene podathe