Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Attention to detail - Unilever Logo

Unilever, the brand behind most of the common house-hold products these days. Any commercial soaps, saas-bahu ki serials, sports, travelogues...you name any ad space, these guys are all over. Having a turnover of over US $ 50.00 billion and a little over 2 lac employees, this conglomerate celebrated its 75th anniversary with a sprightly designed new logo. I appreciate its diligence to perfection and sense of convergence of all its product line under one symbol. The logo consolidates the sign of vitality, which is the 'bigger picture' to be realized from it. Each icon which has gone into the making of the logo signifies a distinct aspect of Unilever's business. To be exact, the logo is a confluence of 25 different icons representative of Unilever's business interests.
Interestingly, the logo was created by Sri Lanka's Lowe LDB in a weeks time. Quote unquote from its director "The visual elements were these symbols and all it did was to suggest that 'U' can make a difference." Kudos to these folks!
David Ogilvy quoted: "If it doesn't sell, it is'nt creative"