Friday, November 30, 2007

Is it a crime to be innocent?

The flat world (perceptions differ!) houses many kinds of people - the good, the bad, the ugly, the foxes, the lambs, the chickens, the lions and the likes. This post is about an issue many have always faced in life repeatedly....and the question that pops up right away in my mind is "Is it a crime to be innocent?"

Why are people being so manipulative in nature? What do they gain from leveraging on the naive innocence of a fellow being? The answers to these questions - is still being searched for.

I accept the fact that, smart quotient is prevalant to decide the survival of the fittest, be it in personal life or amidst corporate ettiquettes. But, i strongly feel that as you go through the different walks and phases of life meeting an ecclectic group of people the human mind which is very shrewd adapts by releasing complex hormones (unknown) to us. Surprisingly, the next time u interact in a situation, one tends to perform an action which might not be a part of the behavorial trend as well.

So, does this mean that innocent souls does not have a place to live in this world? Rather, i should suggest a seperate planet of these NAIVE beings which would obviate the need to go for wars, steal, earn and the list is endless.. The main reason of worlds locking horns together is becaus to establish supremacy. Just because, the opponent has a weak link in the chain of armours and attacking that point to prove a point of leadership does not nurture communal harmony. As, once hit, the defeated or hurted opponent might strike back like a recoiled snake....and who knows, it might hit you so bad that there is no chance of rising up again!! This situation would go on and about world peace when all that has to be targetted is the change in mindset of people!! Easily said and here, but i am aware how difficult it is to establish it.

"Survival of the fittest" : This is such a beautiful adage reflective among animals that roam cloaked in natures clothing and humans clothed in gucci and versace. One got to be smart and adaptive with situations, to be declared the supreme winner of all...but sadly, there is always a greater mind than you.

The point i would like to make here is, what do people derive from using anothers naive innocence?

1.) Do they get sinful pleasure?
2.) A hearty laughter behind the backs?
3.) A deep sleep because you are happy that you have outsmarted an innocent soul?

The torn sould does not realise that, he/she has been outsmarted...but the mind adapts and teaches you like a loving teacher (as always) about what should have been done in that situation...

Many of you might, why don't people change? change for what? - To be a sharp nail that punctures innocence? Even if my mind adapts and teaches me how to adapt to such situations, i would still not try to manipulate fellow beings. Because i simply don't like it!!

Oh!! poor soul,
a perfect embodiment of body and mind
who decides the path you take?
yet the flat worldly beings moulds you to its wake
Acclimatize to are proclaimed a smart soul
If you don't..sigh! many are a smarter soul than you

Happy and crisp...when you are light...
Sodden and sad...when you realize the put up fight
So many emotional undergo
Yet, you don't escape to be a free bargo
you stay within me....
teaching me.....goading me....but not leaving me..

Don't you ever wail when you meet soul-less beings

Soul: Yes...i do...silently in the darkest nook of my heart...
unknown to many...
but known to few....the only ones that matter to you

Don't you feel vengant on being used like a whore...

Soul: Yes..i do...anger pours out like hot lava...
but i stem it...
to protect you and make you a better person in life

Won't the world be a better place to live in?

Soul: would...
only if you adapt to it...
to be blended among the eclectic mix

Courageous soul...i salute you with all my pride...!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shelved Memories

My fingers hurt

for they have been crossed for long....

My emotions are no longer jaywalking the shore
as its tumultous when the slightest thought of you
crosses my neural nodes

Fireflies ensconce me
when my phone exudes the number of Jack Sparrow
A feeling so ephemeral, yet so permanent....

Oh Dear!!
wish, the past would be re-written...
to accomodate my present enduring needs....

Sinful Elements of Creativity

Its so creatively made...Not to think about the amount of brain hours consumed before they set up a chain reaction which shows the skeletal kinematics of a car when u power the ignition key on...Little do we realize the tiny cogs performing their well-oiled functions.

Digestible Facts about the Ad before it was canned:

Time taken to complete the shoot - 4 days in Paris!!!
Amount of money spent - 6 million pounds
Total No. of takes - 606
Inspiration - Breakfast machine from the '60's movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

Paradoxically, if the same situation is superimposed on Mother Earth, where every living soul is aware of his/her duties and performs it like a spanky new machinery, won't we be living in a better place?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend update

Friday, the 9th of November was a hectic work filled day...Bounced in and out of meetings (meaningful, surprisingly) and was waiting the minute hand of my watch to sweep  across the seven barrier. Thus, the shackles were removed for a fun filled weekend...not to forget the weekend exhaustive game of Ultimate Frisbee!!

My cousin forcefully pulled me to test drive the new Hyundai i10....we ended up looking only at the inner and outer facades as we reached the place pretty late. My first impression of the car was, the design house failed to emulate the same strong masculine styling of the front in the back end of the car. The front was smashing with strong fenders which gave a facelife to the car. But walk to the back, it had a slightly elevated structre which did not meet up the standards of the front.

Boot space is quite less but the interior is quite roomy with stylish gears kept at an inclination. Although, the gear meshing did not meet my expectations, as i drive a Swift, whose gears fall as if a hot knife is passing through a block of cold cheese. Not a full blown review though, i kinda liked the color options that they are providing :)

Oh, it starts at 4.2 lacs (on road Chennai price tag) for this small car from the stables of Hyundai. 

After this short stop, we went to HSB to hog on mouth watering southy food at blue star. We made an interesting observation there, HSB has 24 branches alone in Chennai....(excluding the fast food joints at C.P.R and Ashok Pillar) Assuming that 900 people walk into a branch everyday with average expenditure of Rs 100 per head...the total revenue per branch would be approx a lac rupees. Multiplied with 24 branches would land us with a figure of Rs 24 lacs per day across all branches. 

So, per month it would be approximately Rs 86-90 crores per annum in Chennai alone...Apart from this theyhave two branches in N.Delhi and quite a few branches abroad as well in Muscat, New York, London and the likes. Its quite difficult to estimate the global turnover the business as sheer driving factor for revenue boost is the masses who are continously adapting to lip smacking idli, dosas and saucers of sambhar + cocunut chutney. Last thing, i heard was HSB was rated 16th best out of the total 95 restaurants in Chennai. 

After satiating ourselves and paying a heavy fine for indulging in it, we were off to Sangam Cinemas to watch the movie Polladhavan. Weak story line, a few good songs which did not blend with the situation as well (isn't it a trend these days?), too much expose' by the lead actress and the item girl...i sat bleary eyed through out the film, my mind constantly revolving around the next days early morning game of Frisbee!!

6 degrees of seperation

What would be your answer to the question - Is the world small? Quite a few responses i have listened to say, "it indeed is!!" What with 74 percent covered with water and trillions of road mile arteries connecting diverse nations. With wireless, ethernet, revolutionary e-mail and what not is shrinking the distance between people to miniscule point levels, people are connected to each other at multiple levels.
You meet a person whom you have never seen in your life before, and when the topic rolls over to friends, both would be unnervingly connected by someone or the other in six tries. That's why the name six degress of seperation. 
Consider this, i met quite a few new friends after re-locating to Chennai and surprisingly we were connected in some way or the other - be it mutual friends, schooling, college and the likes. Its pretty strange to experience this, but i have found in almost 2 out of 3 cases, which proved the veracity of the above said statement. Thats like a whooping 67 percent strike rate....
The perception is - Connectivity between people is increasing which may be due to a lot of reasons which ultimately leads to a sighed expression of "The world is too small" There can be a lot of counter-arguments to this view point, but still try this out to experience the sixDOS whenever you meet up with new people. 

Friday, November 9, 2007

Smart Buildings word which has a lot of meaning packed into it. We, as human beings continously adapt to dynamics of mother nature and of life. How many times have you checked yourself and adapted to the surroundings?

Count for yourself and question why you did it? - The simple answer would be "change is consistent". When the strange chemical reactions take place within the neural networks of human body to increase your adaptation quotient, you are actually discovering yourself again and again.

So, according to me, the need for change is the base line for innovation and continous improvement...Raise the bar..Aim for the sky. All said is easy but there are thought leaders who have succesfully configured what we thought to be as dreams to reality - kudos to them.

One such is David Fisher who is an architect and a town planner. An Italian by birth, he has truly broken all chains to create buildings that change with time and is self powered. His buildings can change shapes with respect to time, has wind turbines to generate power (self reliant), more improtantly green power.
Have we ever thought what to give Mother Nature back when she's given you so much!! Hard to believe?

One of his quotes "Whatever is correct is nice, but whatever is nice is not correct". It simply challenges the basic laws of science of the yesteryears. He has challenged what we considered as normal to redefine the way we live and percieve things. His buildings change shape continously, every damn minute (whoa!)....Now, you can have your brunch facing the sun and evening cup of tea seeing the sun slunking down to sleep - all without moving from your place. Thats some brain!!

Now, that we have smart buildings, smart cars, smart wonder smart humans would be in the making :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's Diwali and i am opening my account

With a score blog accounts opened and untended, i have made a resolution to do what i have wanted for a long long time.....blogging!! With so many avid bloggers around me, i got infected too by the blog virus....

Ok, how about a snap shot of my 25 yrs life, here we go:

0 - 8 yrs - Schooling at P.S.B.B, Chennai - first broken tooth, n-number of brawls

9-13 yrs - Schooling at DAV, Mogappair - had my first major crush at this place

14-17 yrs - Schooling at Don Bosco, Egmore - a twist in my life was and will be this school...

18-22 yrs - Graduation from P.S.G Tech - one word to describe it all "Awesome"

22-24 yrs - Corporate working started - roamed the entire breadth and width of India, Registhan mein theen saal - aur kuch chahiye?

25th yr - Back in Chennai - God, i am havin a lovely time over here