Friday, November 9, 2007

Smart Buildings word which has a lot of meaning packed into it. We, as human beings continously adapt to dynamics of mother nature and of life. How many times have you checked yourself and adapted to the surroundings?

Count for yourself and question why you did it? - The simple answer would be "change is consistent". When the strange chemical reactions take place within the neural networks of human body to increase your adaptation quotient, you are actually discovering yourself again and again.

So, according to me, the need for change is the base line for innovation and continous improvement...Raise the bar..Aim for the sky. All said is easy but there are thought leaders who have succesfully configured what we thought to be as dreams to reality - kudos to them.

One such is David Fisher who is an architect and a town planner. An Italian by birth, he has truly broken all chains to create buildings that change with time and is self powered. His buildings can change shapes with respect to time, has wind turbines to generate power (self reliant), more improtantly green power.
Have we ever thought what to give Mother Nature back when she's given you so much!! Hard to believe?

One of his quotes "Whatever is correct is nice, but whatever is nice is not correct". It simply challenges the basic laws of science of the yesteryears. He has challenged what we considered as normal to redefine the way we live and percieve things. His buildings change shape continously, every damn minute (whoa!)....Now, you can have your brunch facing the sun and evening cup of tea seeing the sun slunking down to sleep - all without moving from your place. Thats some brain!!

Now, that we have smart buildings, smart cars, smart wonder smart humans would be in the making :)

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