Monday, August 11, 2008

National Institute of Design (NID) Couple Turns their Dream into Reality

This NID couple is one of my best pals and am truly happy with all my heart, for they have fought all odds to establish their footprint on the world of home-furnishings.

Neelima Bhatt and Bhaskar Bhatt - One of the loveliest couple i have ever seen, is possessed with all the resolve and fathomless love & happiness for each other in life. I had to fight back tears when i saw them get married and i truly salute them for standing-up in togetherness when it mattered. They have now started their design firm: where they make exclusive home-furnishings etched with exquisite designs on the house. Do visit this website and the next time, you plan to buy home-furnishings, i request you to look into this and then decide. They have an all-embracing line of home-furnishings ranging from: (Am attaching specific links for easy navigation)

Do check out the golf ball styled coffee cups!! Sure guys are really distinct in deploying your design-brains to bring these beauties to reality. Kudos Neelima & Bhaskar ::)
Grrrr...Guru... Please change your pic :P


freaky said...

they dont have it here in chennai?

Touche' said...

Mosh - they do have it in Chennai. Its at Chaimers Place @ Chamiers Road.

Nithya said...

wow thats neat!! well now i know who to catch for HUGE discounts :P