Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Highway on my Plate (HOMP!)

Finally i managed to pull the socks of the Hathway guy to install the CAS box at my place. I am able to flick through channels without cringing my eye on lack of clarity. As i was shifting channels, NDTV Good Times caught my eye, where there was a serial on which i have always been an ardent, passionate lover :O "FOOD" !! It was titled "Highway on my Plate (HOMP!), where two anchors (Rocky and Mayur) travel the length and breadth of India (I have seen mostly places in South India) and eat at famous places. Apart from the content, what i really loved about this flick is the sooper-coolness of the anchors. Both wear dhoti's (maybe to loosen it according to the proportion that goes in). Mayur (aka Audrey) is a veggie, resembles a lot like my best my personal favorite. Rocky with his pony-tail and no-mincing words surely has a magnanimous screen presence. From knowing the subtle differences between masala dosa and Mysore masala dosa to why a hotel is called military hotel to the quirky 'food quotes' its rolling fun all the way.
Must watch on Tuesdays at 10:00 P.M (IST)
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freaky said...
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Touche' said...

The proportion of mix with added red-chilly powder makes the diif :)