Friday, August 22, 2008

Connecting to more than a Billion Hearts!

I came across this news excerpt and was completely moved by the advertisement by Nike. The Bejing Olympics, 2008 is spreading its wide-spanned wings across boundaries and capturing more than a billion hearts with record-breaking feats. Nike's biggest endorser Liu Xiang, a Chinese hurdler crashed out due to Achilles heel. However, I am floored by the innovative core elements of the sporting goods manufacturer and awed by the way, Nike has capitalised on a lost opportunity. I believe, the advert. was created primarily to connect with the masses and make it more poignant in appeal, while achieving extensive brand-mileage for themselves. Brilliant..i must say!
My understanding of the tweaked picture: Two shades of LIFE - 'Dark and Bright'. Live with it..for none can be done. However, don't fail to see light even in darkness! Kudos to the team.. Comprehensive focus on the bigger picture, while not losing focus on attention to the minute details.
The advert in Chinese script is as shown in the picture with translation by its side: (

Love competition.
Love risking your pride.
Love winning it back.
Love giving it everything you've got.
Love the glory. Love the pain.
Love sport even when it breaks your heart.
Just Do It.


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