Monday, February 23, 2009


A post after a bit too long.. Composition of whats been happening in the meanwhile..
As 2009 dawned, i was pretty sure of the life's short-lessons and the examinations that i had to clear before moving into the next league. Sure-footed with renewed confidence to do better and surpass set-goals have been the motto from the first of Jan. I have been judiciously juggled both of my split-lives (work and personal) to a reasonable extent and am more compassionate towards the society.
Giving back something to the society topped my "To-do" charts for this year. Hence, i decided to pursue "Deepam" a NPO run for bridging the literacy divide for the under-privileged kids. Believe me..the sessions with the kids over the weekends are a significant stress-buster and thought-provoking! I try to make it to all the sessions without fail, although i have missed a few due to planned circumstances and one-off events.
Being a movie-buff, i decided to plunge in to them (jus like age-old Rajasthan days) and watch the selected few like Munich, Shawshank Redemption, sit-coms like SATC, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and such others. They just ooze with creativity and have tingled my brain-buds to pursue the knowledge of film-making. Of course, i take a lot of cues from the vanity world and one such thing is this: Making a list of what all i would like to have in my life...and working my sweet a** off to have them in place within the next ten years. I had a real-hard time in making a realistic list (i do have a 3-series BMW on it:P).

Ultimate has taken a new definition in streamlining my way of living. This sport has so become an integral part of my life, that my biological clock is attuned to wake me up at 5:00 ! Not that, i have not done it before but this is with more agility and energy. Thanks to the wonderful set of folks and friends... this sport seriously keeps me fit and drives me to have extended work-sessions and push myself to the limits.

Nothing much to update on the personal front. Too bad for the shackles and respect for my community..Oh yeah ! a whole lot of my cuz's got married and became Daddies.. Sigh! people younger than me... Jeez..i seriously admire them from one side..but at the same time, angry at them for starting production at such an early stage! I went for a few..missed a few..but overall i am happy for them seeing settled in life. Every dog has its day :)

Officially, i have been promoted..more responsibilities, longer work-hours (i hope not) and the list is just endless here. However, it is true that rejoice is in the air for 2009 ! More to come.. i have a weakness for cars and i jus fell weak on my knees when i saw the new Fiat Linea ! Would test-drive it and be back to write my reviews about it.

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