Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thinking Loud !

This post was inspired by someone who intrigued me to think out loud and so i am posting on the top five things that i would be accomplishing in the years to come. (I hate deadlines :P)

So..here you go : Read my compilations and feel free to be my best critic.

1.) Scuba Dive with the sharks in the Great Barrier Reef - Off Australian Coast
2.) Be in the big white cage and pay a visit to the Great White Shark - Gold Coast
3.) Rapple down the 750 ft steep 'Whiteside Mountains' in North Carolina.
4.) Off-Roading from Burma to Paris
5.) Make sweet passionate love to the 'ONE', while sailing 60,000 feet above ground level :)

Think loud and chase your dreams... Do one thing (which you have never done before) everyday that scares the shit outta you!


Archu said...

You hate deadlines but I am sure u will make headlines when u die doing one of these things!! Lol....

Just kidding.All the best!

Touche' said...

Thnx so much for your wishes!

Anonymous said...
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