Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yipeeeeeeeee! Its a New Year "2008"

As the clock needles swept past the last hours of 2007
I turned my back on the past year
Filled with joy, solitude and melancholy...

Awaiting a pristine 365 day course feast……
“Like a child” jumping for a box of chocolates
lil’ do I know what I would get…
Bitter ones, sweet ones, marshmallow filled and many a kind….
Happy…that I can’t predict any…

I am so tired falling in love with life all over again!!
Crazy it may sound…..
But that’s how I resolve myself to be bound
Three big resolutions for ‘08
Less anger….
Prep for Post-Grad schooling

make a descent in EQ,
and an ascent in IQ & SQ :)

Cheers to all for a Great Year Ahead!!

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