Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Waves of emotion

The fluid motion of bodies...
Cold sweat trickling down ur back...
The rush of blood to ur temples..
Taste of chilled beer after a hard hours workout
is truly..deeply..madly...orgasmic!!

The drag of killer fumes...
as your head spins off like a misty cloud
with the burst of caffeine into ur green veins
Chance of yapping at a slapstick show by your mate
Woh! lil' do we know what the clock within us is doing!

The sheer pleasure of sharing...
with joy no bounds..
Letting the onus of pairing to your producers
Comparing the image with a reference
point..always around you.....
Vexed...at the thought of what lifes doing to you

Until u get....
Boxed in the ears!! Wham @#$!
Welcome to ground reality!!
(Image Source:www.geocities.com)

1 comment:

Nithya said...

nice!! well written i say! :)